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Jeremy Garrett RV Sessions 2 Instrumentals

The RV Sessions 2 – Instrumentals, 2016

Jeremy Garrett’s collection of original all-instrumentals inspired by his travels through the US. Order your copy and receive a link to download a track today!

Buy direct from Jeremy: $15.00


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Jeremy Garrett RV Sessions

The RV Sessions, 2015

Buy direct from Jeremy: $13.00

Track Listing and Record Info

  1. Lucky Guy
  2. Oh Little Darlin
  3. The Cold Hard Truth
  4. What’s That You’re Doin?
  5. Fly Away To Your Love
  6. Grand Mesa
  7. Just Hold Hands For A Little While
  8. Only You Can Say
  9. Lean On Love
  10. You
  11. Will You Find A Way?
  12. What Did You Have In Mind?

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Jeremy Garrett I Am A Stranger

I Am A Stranger, 2009

Buy direct from Jeremy: $13.00

Track Listing and Record Info

  1. I Am A Stranger
  2. Echoes of Goodbye
  3. What’s Good For You
  4. Give It Up
  5. Y2K
  6. Today
  7. The Fields of My Mind
  8. End of the Line
  9. I Knew You Would Love Me
  10. Peace King
  11. North and South of the River


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Jeremy Garrett and Glen Garrett - Garrett Grass Gospel

Garrett Grass Gospel, 2007

Buy direct from Jeremy: $15.00 

Track Listing and Record Info

  1. Going Up
  2. After a While
  3. This World is Rocking
  4. If Jesus Comes Tomorrow
  5. One More Bridge
  6. Satisfied
  7. Were You There?
  8. Precious Lord, Take My Hand
  9. Visions of Mother
  10. Whosoever Will
  11. Gonna Lay My Heavy Burdens Down
  12. I Will Arise and Go To Jesus
  13. Were You There? (Version 2)
  14. I’m Working on a Building


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Jeremy Garrett & Friends Station Inn Poster

Autographed copy: $15.00








Jeremy Garrett plays fiddle, guitar, and mandolin. He uses D’Addario Strings for all his instruments. Jeremy uses D’Addario Helicore Heavy Strings for his fiddles.