Once again we have winded our way through a little more of this amazing country. On this last leg, we started things out at Zion National Park. I’ve been there before, but it’s beauty and wonder never ceases to amaze me. We took the famous Emerald Pools and Angel’s Landing hikes. Not for the faint of heart, I’d say. At one point, you’re holding on to chains and peering down massive sheer cliffs on both sides and it’s almost overwhelming what you have gotten yourself into. Very fun and worth the extra effort! We pressed on and went through Bryce Canyon National park as well. I’ve seen a lot of things, but nothing like that. It’s like being on another planet or something. Great big spires they call hoodoos. If you’ve never been, then I’d highly recommend it!

We went out of the backside of Bryce and stayed in the Escalante area where there was a lot of great hiking and camping. There are many dirt roads on the BLM land for the Grand Staircase Escalante, so you can really get away and see some stars. On the other side of Escalante, I met a man named Merle Graffam at the welcome center. He started talking to me about all of the dinosaur exhibits around and it turns out that he himself discovered a dinosaur called Nothronychus graffami! Wow!!! He even said there was an archeological dig currently happening not far from the welcome center. That kind of stuff is right up my alley and I have often said that I would love to be an Archeologist in another life… Well it turns out you can volunteer for that sort of thing as an apprentice, so I am hoping to get back there perhaps in the winter and get in on a dig If possible.

We then made our way along the north rim of the Grand Canyon. The endless, breathtaking, scenery never gets old. I love the desert. It’s colorful landscapes and skies, along with the unexpected abundance of life, pulls at my heartstrings every time I visit. We drove on through Vegas, then the southern part of the Sequoia National forest, heading through a huge swath of California Agricultural land, before landing in Watsonville, CA next to the coast. It was lovely along the cost. A little chillier than I thought it would be, but I loved taking that fresh and healing ocean air into my lungs.

We ended this leg of the trip with another solo house concert at some friend’s house, Brian and Shari Band. Well, I guess it wasn’t technically totally solo, as my lovely wife Connie joined me on a few songs for some harmonies. We had a blast! I love to play the solo shows as a contrast to my “day job” with the Dusters. In the solo shows I can add other instruments and styles that I have practiced and developed over the years. I’m headed out to Nashville on a plane as I write this, to write some music with some good friends and play some shows with Larry Keel and Josh Shilling.

Did I happen to mention that I’ve been working on a record during all of my travels? I’ve been soooo inspired living in the RV. Melodies and lyrics seem to come easier with the ever-changing backdrop. The record will be called The RV Sessions. All the songs have been written and recorded while I have been in the RV. I am playing all of the instruments including fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and singing all the vocals. Be on the look out as the release date of June 25 is approaching soon. You can pre-order one through this website. Just go to the GarrettGrass Music Shop! I will sign it and send it to you with free shipping if you’d like.


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