Solo Mission

Last week I went on my first solo mission! What is that you may ask? Several people have asked, “Do you drive the RV?”  My response: “Of course!” Well, I may respond with fearless gusto, but it is a big responsibility driving a big rig down the road with vehicle in tow that I don’t take lightly. I drove the RV as many times as I could with Jeremy’s guidance and we went over the checklists and analyzed the routes to prepare for my first mission to drive four hours from Virginia to North Carolina. I decided to go the safer interstate route over the shorter scenic route. Overall the drive was un-eventful. Our RV has fuel tanks on both sides, so I had to fuel up with the big truckers. I may feel tall and proud on the road, squarely in the middle of my white lines, but parked next to their humongous 55-foot trailers, I’m just a li’l tadpole in a big ocean.   When I left Virginia, I have to admit, I had cottonmouth and was fairly nervous for my solo mission. I was only a few miles down the road when I realized I was wearing… a red shirt. Yikes! Being a Star Trek fan I smirked at myself, as this was a bad omen (the “red-shirts” always died on the away missions). I re-assured myself that I was also wearing a sweater in Captain-Kirk-gold over my red shirt.


I arrived at my destination, Falls Lake, muddy and in tact. I scouted out the area and found my spot, which was the final challenge to my journey: I had to back the rig into the site because there were no pull-thru’s available. I’d like to say it was a challenging site to back into so that I’d have something to really brag about, but it was a fairly easy site to back into, which I was grateful for since I didn’t have Jeremy there to bark out orders of how I was doing this or that wrong. I just pulled forward, turned the wheel slightly, put the Mothership in reverse and tucked her away in her cozy little spot. Voila!


All in all, my first solo mission was a success. I was rewarded to a magnificent sunrise on Falls Lake the following morning. The lake was like glass and the fog was resting in the tree line.   The ducks, the loons and other morning birds were wandering about the lake searching for their breakfast. The sky was filled with Thursday morning flights. I was grateful to be still and silent and not 10,000 feet in the air rushing to someone else’s destination, and to be “like a tree planted by the rivers of water” (Psalm 1: 3). Soon the sun rose over the trees and burned the chill off the lake.   I left the shoreline to a diligent woodpecker hammering out his tune.




Oh Yeah, Lesson Learned: Diesel engines like an additive to lubricate the injectors. Thank you to David at Prince William Diesel Repair for helping me choose the right additive!




Dawn at Falls Lake.  Click the picture to see more!

Dawn at Falls Lake NC 2015

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Comments (9)

  1. Vance Skidmore

    Hope you had a blissful time visiting with family and friends. Missed you on the rail…but hopefully we’ll see you soon Connie! Keep living the dream…you are truly FREE!! Hope your kitty is getting a bit more comfortable with the diesel engine start-up!! 🙂



      Vance! The poor cat was terrified the entire drive, but I had to focus on driving safely and she had to just endure the ride! 🙂 Hope to see you soon!

  2. Ted Krzyzanowski

    Morning Jeremy and thanks for the insights. You’ll get the hang of driving that rig to the point it’ll be like driving a pickup truck. That’s when you can then start using those secondary roads which is where you want to be. Peace, love and serene mornings to you and the family.

  3. Christina Boggs

    Happy to hear you’re having a fantastic time! Sounds lovely 🙂

  4. Georgia

    What an awesome adventure! With God as your copilot, you can do anything!! See you soon.

  5. Shari Band

    Connie, you had me cracking up ! Only a few know that Red shirts don’t make till the next episode…….UNLESS you’re a total badass like Uhura or Scotty ! I’m sure the command gold help ease your mind, but you had this from the beginning ! Yrou’re the best, have fun out there ! <3

  6. Ned Luberecki

    Well done number one! Make it so!

  7. William Maloney

    Thanks for sharing Connie! A great read, you are a talented writer. =)

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