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Its been an absolutely amazing week up here in DC, the first stop on our dream come true tour! We camped at Bull Run Campground, along the Bull Run River and battlefield. So beautiful and peaceful. Lots of wildlife around, including deer, turkeys, squirrels, owls and ducks. Our first trip into town included a tour of Mount Vernon, the home of our first president George Washington. I feel it was so fitting that we toured this place first. We learned so much and have even more of an appreciation, for this amazing country and the kind of man he was. I think one of the things that was most impressive to me was when I saw a sign they had in the museum, listing out some of the great kings and emperors of the world throughout time and compared them to Washington. Of course there were several differences, but also some similarities as far as what they had done for their country. George Washington was the only one who freely transferred his power in order to solidify the idea of a union. A united country. How many of us could do this? Thanks so much to Tom and David Smith for arranging the tour for us!! We also walked around and took photos of a bunch of memorials over a couple of days, including The Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson (Ran in to a fox, looking for a meal there), Roosevelt, WW1 and WW2, Korean, and the Vietnam wall. Humbling to say the least. So much passion, so many sacrifices. I came away thinking to myself how America is one of the greatest ideas ever. So many had a hand in keeping our nation, not only together, but also free.

I was able to arrange an interview on air with the fantastic radio personality, Katy Daley on WAMU, 88.5. We had a bunch of fun playing and talking and even Connie was able to join in on some sweet harmony. Then Katy, a native Washingtonian, took us for a private tour around to see some sites she thought we should see while we were there. Boy, was she right. She was a great tour guide and as I understand it, used to be the actual tour guide for some of these things. We checked out the Air Force monument, the Mule Toe Trail, went to Arlington Cemetery and saw the ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, JFK and the Eternal Flame, as well as the Marine Corps War Memorial of the soldiers raising the flag at Iwo Jima. We also saw the staircase that the priest at the end of the movie The Exorcist threw himself off of at the end.  She also drove us past some locations where Watergate incidents took place.  Katy was also right when she informed us that we could never see it all, especially in a week. She said if we stood in front of each item at all the Smithsonian museums for 3 seconds each, it would take us 80 years to see all of the artifacts. Guess that means we are going to have to come back!

It got real cold… we decided to stay indoors and get some business done on one of the days…. then it snowed and got colder… I’m concerned about our rig plumbing surviving the frigid temperatures. I’ve learned a few tricks over this past year that will protect it, but that sometimes doesn’t help me sleep any better when it’s 9 degrees outside. I’m going to have to put some big boy pants on if I want to get my rig in the Rockies before spring! I think it’s time to head a little further south for a bit first… Next stop Charlottesville, then it’s on to the ‘Duster tour for me for a few weeks! We should be close to Atlanta at the end of the tour, then heading back to Nashville for a few days to get some music business done.

Definitions/Lessons learned: GFI outlet- An outlet that is positioned usually near water, that has it’s own breaker that trips… If it goes out, you have to wire a new one in if the reset button does not work. We were lucky not to have a fire… The one we took out was all burnt up. I am no electrician, but thanks to Home Depot and YouTube, we were able to get it done and now I feel like a badass!

Click on the photo below to see some of the photos we took!

Washington Memorial

Washington Memorial – Photo by Jeremy Garrett


Listen to a few of the songs performed on the Katy Daley Morning Show WAMU 88.5!

Between the Black Rock and the Gravel

Lucky Guy

Workin’ on a Buildin’

Lean on Love

I’ll Get Away

I Believe


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  1. Katy Daley

    Loved having you on the show and as fellow tourists. I have plenty more to show you around town, so please come back often. I’ll be following your dream tour. Have a wonderful time but most importantly, be safe.

  2. Ed Coyle

    Ggrass/Cgrass: It’s really great to read about your adventures. Keep ’em coming! Safe travels my friends, and I hope to catch you along the way. Chair, you electrician sonofagun, you! Nice work!

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