A Dream Come True

I wanted to spend some time this morning and write about a dream come true and an adventure that has been a part of my dream scheme for quite some time: the Launching of our Mothership to travel full time the US first, then on to other parts of the world. I have spent countless hours traveling up and down and back and forth on our nation’s interstates and highways. Literally countless hours, but if you did count the miles, I suppose it would be in the millions. I’ve been to 49 states and the only one I still need to check off of my list is Hawaii. You’ve probably heard the Johnny Cash song, “I’ve been everywhere, man, I’ve been everywhere”, and for me, that pretty much rings true. I have had a lot of great adventures on and off the road, but haven’t always had the time to stop and do the site seeing along the way as I’m usually full steam ahead and trying to get to some show in some other town, down the road. Often I will see a sign from the highway pointing to some mystical adventure to the right or left and am unable to follow, due to schedule restraints or traveling partners that would rather go to the next hotel.. haha.. Well, no more!! I have been working with my wife Connie, for quite some time to embark on a journey of life that enables us to do just exactly that: to go to and fro in this world. To see things she hasn’t and to see things I may have missed. To boldly go where no GGrass and CGrass has ever gone before… to explore new worlds and new horizons! Our method of transport….Our Mothership… A Diesel international, 34 foot class C RV. Our shuttle/escape pod… a ’06 jeep wrangler 4×4. I intend to follow up with at least a weekly blog about our adventures and Connie’s blog will be featured here as well. The Blog will consist of the stories or adventures from the road, tips on traveling in an RV as well as some of the trials. We will be adding photos and videos along the way as well. Please check back often for the next installment of our tales from the road.

RV tips, night 1: A 20 amp circuit cannot run two space heaters at the same time when boon-docking. The breaker for the electricity will trip and you wont have any heat except the emergency propane heat all night, cause the building is locked and you cant get in to reset the breaker.. That means your going to get really, really cold… Lesson learned!


Boon-docking: Staying in a place, usually free of charge, where there are no hook ups and you must rely on the coach’s self-containment. This of course can be more challenging, depending on the time of year you are traveling.

Today, we are heading to Washington DC! I can think of no place better to start this adventure of the beautiful United States Of America, than DC, our nation’s capitol. We plan to do a tour of a bunch of Smithsonian’s as well as monuments and of course the national zoo! We are starting with Mt. Vernon, home of beloved President George Washington. Can’t wait to find out more about that badass!!

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  1. Kim & Justin Nearpass-Pollack

    Hey Jeremy & Connie! Wonderful idea! Congrats on making dreams come true! If you find yourselves in the mountains of CO and need a place to dock, or a hot shower in a stationary unit, you are always welcome at our Frisco home. “Que les vayan con Dios!”

  2. Georgia

    Can’t wait to travel vicariously through the Garretts! Be safe and have fun!

  3. Tony Pearce

    I wish you the very best of luck. Living the dream huh?

    I thought to do exactly the same thing when I retire. Sell up everything here in the UK and live in an RV year round.

  4. Shaun

    And a humble man. Everyone wanted George Washington to become “King” of the United States, but he and the founding fathers had a much better vision for the future.

  5. Jon Gold

    Happy travels, Jeremy!

  6. Steve Martin

    There is so much to see . Slow it down. You move too fast.

  7. Marianne

    Way to go. Wishing you safe and adventurous travels and wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

  8. Kathy Haynes

    You will love DC! And most everything to see & do are free there. The FBI tour is very interesting and be sure to go by Ford’s Theater where Lincoln was shot, if you get a chance. How long is your adventure going to last? Chip & I would like to meet up with you sometime with our little RV. I’m looking into going to the great Buffalo Round-Up in South Dakota in Sept.

    • KristineSpray

      my sister is in Custer SD, I spent six weeks there in 2013. The round up was amazing, seeing the massive herd come over the hill. Hope you get there.

  9. Cheatah

    Go get ’em!!

  10. Cecilia

    Rock on you two 🙂 Looking forward to following your adventures!


  11. Joyce Roth

    You are living my dream. I hope to be your silent partner. Do it ALL. Thanks for the invitation to share.

  12. Elizabeth Gallahan

    hi Connie & Jeremy ,
    I am so happy that you are going to both share your experiences with us, and enjoy what life has to offer! While you are out there, you will always have a place at our dinner table for a break from your rv! (No planes!!! Yay!! )
    Stop in, if you are driving from Richmond to Charlottesville…we live in the country, and would love to visit with you!!! This is going to be exciting !!Safe travels to you! Blessings from the G’s.

  13. Larry Swindell

    Put a fireplace in that RV!! hehehe!!! That would be a redneck RV now wouldn’t it? Happy New Year to you and Connie!! You two have a fun trip! See you in a few weeks when you’re in the Raleigh area.

  14. Ella Angstadt

    Prayers for fun, adventurous, safe explorations.

  15. Ted Lehmann

    Jeremy – If your travels bring you back to the Adirondacks in summer, please give a thought to returning to our place. We’d love to spend some time with you and Connie, and to give you a further introduction to our little part of the world. Meanwhile, remember the journey is the destination…..

  16. Connie Kennedy Maasry Green

    hi, stop by Pochontas State Park in Chesterfield VA, month of March we are the camp host!!!!! Love me some bluegrass!!!!!! We will treat you to firewood :):):)

  17. Gregory Mault

    Many safe travels you two. Also, you’re always to boon-dock at Casa de Mault.

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